Transportation Problems

This post is about commuter transportation issues. Via paper prototyping, I learn the UX design process of developing a transportation app to help my friend Janneisy improve her commute from Yonkers to NYU in Brooklyn, a 2 hour commute!

My first and last inclination is to tell her to move lol. But since she has no plans of moving…I went ahead to develop what I think would be a great app to help her through her morning and evening commute.

My friend’s main problem with her commute is that the bus she takes on her initial embarkment is never on time. My solution is to integrate live GPS data of the Bee-Line with the NYC MTA transportation system to better time her departure and arrival so she can decided whether or not she needs to hurry up or can take her time getting to the bus.

Talking more with Janneisy, I learned that she is really into music discovery probably from being on the bus and train 4 hrs a day…so I thought what if the app pulled in the soft data from her favorite apps to stream songs thru a one stop shop. Then, there’s no need to get out of this app and open another. If Spotify can stream iTunes, then my app can stream both and more with further development.

Lastly, the weather of New York is an ever changing thing. It could be raining one minute and sun shining the next, so with further discussion, we decided to add a weather page to quickly know what the weather will be like for the day. Once again adding this page into the app saves time from having to go into another weather app and as they say…time is money!


After several iterations, I took my paper prototype to the app POP to demo a tappable simulation to verify my workflow.


Please review my presentation and POP simulation link below.


Transportation Problems UX

POP (Prototyping on Paper):


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